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The Fabric of Our Being

Hello and welcome! 

 At Le Fay Boutique Couture we are passionate about producing high-quality sustainable creations that are expressive, unique, and functional for everyone. Our sizing is inclusive, ranging between infant sizes and plus-sized adult, and our materials are upcycled.


We recognize the negative impact that the conventional fashion industry has had on our environment and environmental stewardship is a foundational cornerstone in all that we do. We passionately believe in upholding a personal commitment to living as sustainably as possible.  Sourcing from what already exists in the world and infusing it with new life, beauty, and purpose is our preferred method for creating art that aligns with our ethics. When we aren't vending or performing at local festivals or working on new creations, we also run an unofficial animal rescue and farm animal sanctuary, plant and care for medicinal Permaculture food forests, educate children, and volunteer with several non-profits that focus on environmental justice and wildlife rehabilitation as well as run a grassroots activist collective of water protectors.

We deeply appreciate your support, it not only supports our small family but it also helps us fund this crucial work and we are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to do what we love while making a difference. 

We are a neurodiverse family with disabilities, we are also an LGBTQIA and veteran-owned business. Lina creates the products and handles web design and customer service, Scott threads and maintains the machines and does all of the driving, and our son Brennon gives us whimsical inspiration every day. 

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